How Would You Like Instant Access To Skills Which Can Make You $10k+ Per Month
In The Next Few Weeks

Whether you are new to the online space, or been here for a while, if you do not know how to market properly you will always struggle to make money

What Is The Monster Experience Evolution?

The Monster Experience Evolution is a beginner friendly and simple programme which teaches you the highly sought after skill of digital marketing. With the skills that you acquire you can promote your own business, coaching or someone else's business as an affiliate marketer

This May Be Hard But The Reality Is

  • Working your life away for someone else will only make your bosses rich
  • ​You are spending most of your time away from the people you love
  • ​If anything was to happen to you, you will be replaced immediately
  • ​You do not have the 3 pillars of freedom: time, finance and location

And You May Have Joined A Programme But

  • You expected to make money without putting any work
  • ​You are putting in the work but you are not getting results
  • ​You are using over complicated funnels and no strategies


Inside The Monster Experience Evolution You Get Access To

  • ​A complete detailed walkthrough on digital marketing
  • ​The best platforms to market in 
  • ​Strategies on marketing organically with short form videos
  • ​Marketing strategy for Facebook
  • ​Creating and Growing Your Brand
  • ​Networking
  • ​Changing your mindset to millionaire mindset

Along With These Bonuses Worth $998

  • Done For You Funnels that you can plug and play 
  • ​101 proven email scripts for the best conversions 
  • ​Multiple Digital Products for you to promote
  • ​Exclusive group for accountability and growth
  • ​Royalty-free Freebies to use as lead magnets
  • ​Social Media Review

Why Should You Join Us Today....

  • If you want to change your life, the first step is to get out of your comfort zone and start. This is your first step
  • ​We do not preach a get rich quick scheme. We believe in hard work and consistency. We will provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to succeed.
  • ​We teach you how to build your own brand and grow, so that you can market anything at any time
  • ​ We offer support to help you launch your digital marketing business as well as opportunity to work with us and launch your own digital business
  • ​We have helped countless people escape the rat race (you can see below) and you can be next.
  • ​You get a 3 day no questions asked money back guaeantee

About Us

Abbrar Rahman

Abbrar started his journey online in January of 2021 as a high ticket affiliate marketer. Coming from a background of engineering from no experience he had no experience on any sort of work online. By November 2021 he hit 6 figures by promoting other peoples products. During his journey he learned, earned and kept investing in his personal growth until eventually realising that everything was more complicated than it needed to be and wasn't truly passive. And that's how the monster experience was born, simplifying digital marketing for everyone and making the very first programme where everyone has their own sub affilaites

Jason Silva

Jason Started His Journey Online As An Affiliate Marketer But Found Something Even More Important Than Money That A Lot Of People Lacked. It Was The Mindset, Motivation And Thereby He Changed Into Being A Mindset Coach Helping People Deal With Life And Grow An Entrepreneurial Mindset To Succeed In This Industry. Along With His Superb Skills In Networking When Jason And Abbrar Met The Idea Of Monster Experience Was Born And When It Became A Reality Mindset And Networking Became A Major Part Of The Monster Experience

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